About Us


Zigbook.in is just the booking website for Skydeck Sports. It is owned just by me (L Nikhil Kumar), with huge support from my father(L Veera Reddy). It is just a small business like mom & pop store. It is not a company. Nothing fancy.

Line of Business

Zigbook.in/Skydeck Sports is an hourly rental model. We rent premises by month and in turn rent it hourly to customers. We just try make use of vacant urban land/space.


What can be the mission statement for a small business? Can small business owners even dream of such fancy words other than to make a little bit of money. I am just trying to make little bit of money by being fair and reasonable to both employees(currently 20 including cleaning and watchman) and customers and land owners.

Address: 6th Floor, above Bajaj Electronics, Alkapuri X Road, Nagole, Hyderabad, Telangana 500068